«The best thing about memories is making them…»
We believe that your everyday life should be full of exciting moments that will be your precious memories in the future. And memories do warm you up from inside, they are timeless treasures of our hearts.

On the other hand we are living in such a fast moving world when there are no boarders between countries and people any more.

So our team's desire is to make you live the moment of your live. This is our aim, this is our goal.
Chetwynd R.F. Bowling
Board Member
Apart from being an Honorary Consul of Jamaica to the Russian Federation Chetwynd is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Alinga Consulting, a Moscow based professional service firm (acg.ru) since 1999.

He is a professional in consulting on taxation of foreign companies in Russia and has helped more than 200 companies, including such as Harley-Davidson, Hilton, Papa Johns etc.

Still, living in Russia and being in love with the country for more than 30 years already Chetwynd was always dreaming about presenting Russia to the world and doing it in a different way, attracting attention and revealing Russia's potential to the foreigners.

Great experience both in working with big international companies and in the local market enables Carillon Events to provide the highest service level for all the clients both the local and the foreign ones.
Our main team value is our attitude to the process. Each project we work on is unique and always has a personal touch.
We have been travelling all over the world and we know how important it is to have a trustworthy person in any destination. The person who can feel your interests, needs, a «friend» who will show you another world, not the one you can look for in the Internet.

Working with Carillon you can be sure that you will have high class service and uniques experience as we love mixing old good traditions and modern working style. Carillon events is not just a team of young professionals in corporate travel industry – we are family taking care of each other and our clients.

Contact us and become a part of Carillon family!
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