Feel the Russian Soul
Russian soul has always been rebel, fighting for its true values, freedom and justice, what is still relevant in modern life.

Feel like real KGB spy, reveal Soviet time secrets, find your likeminded group of rebels, visit meetings with them, humanitarian camps, non commercial human right organizations, public talks, spy into secret areas of the city, have a drink at secret locations, listen and dance to live music of free spirited musicians.
We offer you to experience the unique lifestyle of Russian world of renowned noble families, dress like real royalty, have exquisite dinner in a palace, experience unforgettable Russian ballet and opera, feel the atmosphere in residences of famous writers and artists where their unique masterpieces were created.

Have a private tour to the most important places of Russian royal history.
Hand-labour has always been a symbol of true luxury and uniqueness, while different Russian regions are famous for their arts and crafts.

So we offer you not only to eyewitness the selected pieces of art but to participate in its creation starting from culinary adventures, ending with pottery or any other hand-made pieces that you will create & keep forever.
Everybody knows about Russian unbreakable strength, courageous and brave heroes, and unbreakable athletes, both male and female.

So we welcome you to experience the adventure of reveling you inner strength and what Bogatyr Epoch you belong to. Would you like to be a military soldier? Or maybe your dream was to become an Olympic champion? Are you a fan of off-road breath-taking trips? Choose the best for you and challenge yourself!
No matter what was happening in Russian history – we always find time to live it up to the best life. And still we never sleep and know how to celebrate life here in Russia.

So join us to the world of best parties, pub scrawling, vodka tastings and best musical festivals and DJs.
While we are all obsessed with our gadgets and everyday routine in modern life, stuck in big cities full of artificial food and poor ecology, its such a relive to be able to get out of that rhythm and become part of the pure nature and get deeper connection to our true selves. And can you imagine better place rater than Russian picturesque landscapes?

We invite you to the untouched frontiers of the biggest country of the world, enabling you to enjoy real county life, including harvesting, authentic Russian bath-house (Banya), fishing, hunting and many more.